Sharper! Conference Theme - "Every Square Inch" 

Department Updates - 

KiDS - working on three services team (trying to get a launch team for new campus) 

-bookmarks for family summer reading list - see kids team if you want one 

-10-year birthday party theme for anniversary weekend


-Please continue to work on the kitchen if you have things in there 

-Kelli is out this week - if you need something from Sam's, see Alex. You need to borrow the guest card and go get it yourself. Try to not bug her with requests. :) 

Production - 

Working on Backstage Pass event for interest in band and production - see Ryan/Todd for more info.

Hunter - 

Youth Summer Camp - talk to Hunter if you want to be involved with serving 

Need help for turnaround team on Saturday night 

Team Tallahassee kick off dinner - Friday 7/28 - see Hunter for more info

Groups/Discipleship - 

Averaging 300 attending summer groups weekly 

Fall groups will start after Labor Day - working on the curriculum 

First training for marriage enrichment team happening this Saturday 

Need more counselors for pre-marital team 

Working on a discipleship resource for men with Wes Bradle


Working on social media analytics - Sarah & Meagan Wilkins (intern)

Keep using the request forms! 


Everybody submit your budgets!


See for any questions about staff reading assignment

Other Business - 

-We are discontinuing our financial support of Alex Rocha this August. Still plan to have mission presence in Cartagena through the IMB

-Send Conference: 

July 25-26 

If you are traveling on your own to do extra time in Orlando, you do you. 

If you're traveling with the staff group, we will leave here on Tuesday AM early. Conference is at FBC Orlando and starts in afternoon.

We will drive back Wednesday night after the conference ends. 

Let Alex know your travel plans ASAP so we can reserve enough seats for everyone in rental vans. 

Sunday - first Connect 101 class - at 4:00pm in the auditorium. 4 people are currently signed up - there is a form on CCB available. 

-We have a partnership with ECHO for refugee help - donations go directly to ECHO. Cards w/ contact info available in the Care Room. 

-Mail and packages - if you get the mail, please put it in Kelli's box so she can distribute it. Do NOT leave it in random places. 

Please take packages addressed to a specific person. If it's addressed to City Church, open it up and try to figure out where it goes to. Don't just leave it in the lobby. Send a text to the staff group text to figure it out.