I. Devotion - "3 Ways Ministry Can Make You Conceited

II. Connect 101 Recap - Sunday was our first Connect 101 class in our new Connections pipeline. 

  • 14 adults and 6 kids attended. 
  • Overview of class: 
  • Core values and beliefs - City Groups - Serving - Community Partners - How to Connect - 3 Circles Gospel Conversations 
  • The first Connect 201 class is July 30th (check master calendar for rest of 2017 dates)

III. Three service times - starting August 27th 

  • 8:15am, 9:45am, 11:30am
  • You can begin sharing with core volunteers who you need to ask for teams. Wait to tell publicly until we have a communications plan. 

IV. Cultural Commitments Reflection 

We read through the cultural commitments that were established in 2015. If you need an extra copy of the commitment card, please email Ashlyn or Alex to request one. The summary of that conversation will be emailed out separately. 

V. Other Business 

  • Hunter - Main opportunities to serve with Youth camp are during Thursday student registration (6:00pm) and Saturday night post-camp to turnaround for Sunday. Hunter will email specifics to everyone. 
  • Team Tallahassee - Friday 7/28 - 6:00-8:00pm - optional for staff 
  • Craig - In week 7 (next week) of groups, leaders will take their groups through a one-page exercise on sharing the Gospel with practical ways to do that. Be on the lookout for that.