1.     Devotion

2.     Knuckles

3.     Fall Service Times

            - 3 services starting this fall (possibly Aug. 27 or Sept. 3)

            - Services times TBD but will be nailed down quickly to allow time to

             plan/build teams.

            - Goal is all morning services


4.     Dean’s Sabbatical

            - Dean is out now through the last week of July.

            - Take any church business to Alex, Ashlyn or the Elders if needed.

            - Be praying for Dean and the family during this break. Pray that he gets

  some much needed time to focus on his family and that he comes back

  renewed, refreshed and ready to roll with a busy Fall at City Church.


5.     Other business

-       City Church U- Forming a Student Leadership Team of 60-80 students that will be expected to:

1.     Commit to attending services

2.     Attend a monthly meeting

3.     Lead something

-       Let Hunter know if there are any students in your ministry area that would be a good fit.

-       Please park in the paved lot during the week so the grass can stay as nice as possible in front of the building.

-       Kitchen - It’s a hot mess. If you have anything in there that can be thrown away or moved, please do so. If you have items that need to stay, please organize it.

-       Fire exits - These cannot be blocked in case of emergency or fire inspection. Please remove any items currently blocking these exits. Ryan has offered to help take anything to storage that you don’t have room for here.

-       Sams - Kelli will be out of town next week, if you think you might need something from Sams, let her know by tomorrow and she’ll be sure to pick it up. Also, a guest Sams card will be made available in case anyone needs it next week.

-       From Dean - please make the extra effort to connect with people in the lobby on Sunday mornings.