1.     Knuckles

2.     Department Updates


·      Events happening in the auditorium: PHI Center banquet, TalTech Conference, David Phelps Concert – be aware


·      Child dedications coming up on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

·      Move-up Sunday is May 21st

·      130 kids signed up for kids camp


·      Summer groups are ramping up – looking for new leaders

·      Marriage enrichment event – May 20th (training launching afterwards for a team)

·      Craig will be re-assuming the premarital queues and baptism process, and city group follow up while Cam is out this summer.


·      77 at Grace Church on Easter Sunday – first baptism that day

·      3 CC students going to NOLA for Gen Send

·      2 students are studying in London and working with IMB

·      Cam is going to Botswana this summer


·      101 class is coming together for launch on May 21st

·      May 21st is the owners night to transition to membership and pledge commitments


·      Preaching through Mark in May and June

·      Working on multi-site plans


·      Turn in credit card purchase requests by the 3rd

·      Will be coming around to ministry areas asking for projected spending for the rest of the year.


·      Youth parent night on May 10th

·      Block party on 5-17

·      Move-up Sunday for 6th graders is May 24th

·      Push college students into groups

·      City Church U summer schedule is out

·      Sam Wittek fundraising – about 50% - hoping to be done by the end of May

Hospitality Team (formerly Guest Services)

·      Now called the Hospitality Team

·      Launching team leaders this Sunday

·      Working on a new volunteer onboarding process using video trainings


·      We closed on the house on Sessions Road – renovations begin soon to occupy for office space hopefully by end of May


·      Working on leadership development for the band

·      New guitar player – Charles Hopkins

·      Recruiting for the band – pass any names on to Todd


·      10-year anniversary planning


3.     Communication process presentation

Graphics Request Form Process

·      See handout attached

·      For questions or to schedule a sit-down meeting to talk through the graphic needs of your ministry, email Chelsea.


4.     Thank-you note reminder

·      Write a note to Cam before Wednesday 


5.     Other business

·      Any expired emails (interns, volunteers, etc.) – send to Todd so that he can delete them

·      Send a note to Amy Casto, Sarah Stephens, and Jeff Herig for a “Happy 1-year in Sessions Road campus” thank-you message.