1.     Conference Updates – Dean & Todd

a.     Dean – Mega Metro Conference

                                               i.     Trends in American Christianity –

1.     Projecting that liberal, mainline Protestant churches will cease to exist in 23 years.

2.     We’ve communicated that Sunday church attendance isn’t very important. We must bring back and reinforce the beauty and necessity of Sunday church attendance.

3.     47% of unbelievers think that pursuing mission work is extreme.

4.     Nominal Christians are becoming the “Nones” but committed Christians are remaining committed.

5.     86% of Americans believe that the ultimate goal of life is to find self-fulfillment and happiness.

6.     Bible reading matters more than any other spiritual discipline in regards to church growth and personal spiritual growth

b.     Todd – LIFT Conference (Passion City Church)

                                               i.     Culture is critical – we must lead culture

                                              ii.     It’s important to not just steward people’s gifts and talents, but to invest in them personally and take pastoral opportunities with our people.

                                             iii.     We’re sometimes afraid to let people go who aren’t fits for culture or who hurt established culture, when really those people may be preventing us from growing.

2.     Knuckles

3.     Owner’s Night Updates

a.     May 21st

b.     Needs:

                                               i.     KiDS team volunteers – talk to Ginger

                                              ii.     Greeters – staff floaters

                                             iii.     Help with setup after 11:00am service that day

c.     Staff should arrive by 4:00pm for owners night

d.     Programming

                                               i.     Theme – Membership commitments and transferring from Ownership to Membership.

                                              ii.     Teaching on the Connection process at City Church, from First Look to Membership and on into continued membership.

e.     Invite will go out via Eventbrite email this week

4.     Call list assignment

a.     See your assignment via email attachment

b.     Please have all calls completed by Thursday 5/11 COB

5.     2017-2018 Budget

a.     Robert will be meeting with you over the next few weeks to go over the next year’s budget and to compile all projected spending and budget requests for ministry areas.

6.     Thank-you notes for Janice Elyea – going above and beyond to take ownership of the church property by picking up trash on her own.

7.     Other business

a.     Communications – The Tallahassee Democrat ran an article over the weekend talking about care for refugees. http://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/2017/05/04/stewart-refugees-strength-and-courage-inspire/101150418/

                                               i.     You can direct any questions or requests for comments to Chelsea.

b.     Missions – There are still spots open for the trip to Cartagena, Colombia with the IMB. If you know of anyone who would be interested in going on this trip, please direct the people to Michael Fertig. Bonus points for people who are business savvy.

c.     Do not give out personal cell phone numbers of staff – unless you have received approval from that person. Give out work number + extension or an email address.

d.     David Olawale and his family are moving to Indianapolis in July. Lucy Ngatia is taking over the prayer team later this summer.

e.     Looking for new volunteers for the refugee team. For specific opportunities, contact Craig or Jen Stewart.

f.       Child Dedications are this Sunday – Mother’s Day. Giving out chocolates to moms.

8.     Closing prayer