1.     Devotion – Dean

a.     Pg. 177 – The difference between union with Christ and communion with Christ. What cannot change is our sonship; what can change is our fellowship. God’s desire for our welfare doesn’t change, but our experience of God’s blessing changes if we are not in communion with Christ.

2.     Knuckles

3.     First Look recap

a.     9:00am service – 2 (Gary and  people came, both fairly new to City Church. 11:00am service – 2 people came (mother and daughter). Invited by Sybil Englert.

Main focus on getting info on City Groups to get connected.


Have staff members sit down with visitors so everyone is not standing up around people.

KiDS team - make a concentrated effort to get new families to First Look.


4.     Easter Debrief

a.     Wins

Volunteer culture

10:00am service time

KiDS walkie talkies for better communication

Elementary kid greeters w/ bubble machine – created environment

Working with PSG (music and production)

Service reflecting the culture we want and supporting the message

Smooth production of service

Team leaders (Guest services) overseeing different areas within GS

Multiple guest services stations

Thousands of people heard the Gospel

Easy to invite people to the service

Recruitment and training of follow up team

Led someone to Christ in the Care room

Greeting on the way in

Social media response and activity from Easter media


Volunteer breakfast was great

Smooth logistics

Jim Marsh’s testimony video

Buzz about Ruby Diamond


b. What to improve

More signage (KiDS) and volunteer greeters for a larger presence and buzz

More checkout stations (KiDS)

Separate trucks for KiDS and Guest Services

Volunteers who signed up to serve but didn’t show up on Sunday – holding more accountability 

Signage (Guest Services) – need new signs and ensuring correctness for directional signage

¼ of the cards turned in from last year

Response from contact card – grow return

Same level of greeters on the way out

Saturday setup for lighting (Production)

Plan a service push back on the front end

Social media roll out plan for next year

Plan for media access in KiDS area – identifying photographers

Next Steps social media roll out – highlighting digitally to help people connect after the service (especially for people who didn’t fill out a card)

Getting to people’s phones for connection during follow up week

Longer lead-time for Easter graphics design process

Continuing to reach college students and make a huge drive to Easter for college students

Better communication to the Civic Center on our setup needs – more centralized communication to event manager. Documents from each ministry area of what is needed.



c. Major needs for 2018

Check-in process – printers and better technology

IT guy for KiDS (relieve Todd)

Work with PSG again

Bigger push for a production tear-down team for Sunday


 5. Other Business items

1.     Volunteer appreciation lunch this Sunday, 4-30, right after the 11:00am service for Guest Services (back in Kids)

2.     Write a thank-you note to Amy Shomberg for her help with Guest Services. She is graduating and getting married and moving to Virginia soon.

3.     Address – 228 Dixie Drive Apt. 212 Tallahassee, FL 32304

4.     City Church U is tonight! Continuing to push The 99 Project.

5.     Youth summer camp registration is open now! Citychurchtallahassee.com/youth

6.     For any more info on David Phelps concert, ask Todd.

7.     See Craig for a handout on summer City Group plans if you didn’t get one.

8.     Cam’s last day for the summer will be May 3rd. Please say thank you to him.

9.     3 baptisms this Sunday. See Craig for more info.

10.  Tomorrow Janelle Irwin will be filming in the auditorium tomorrow morning 9:30-12:30. Please be mindful of that happening.

11.  Quarterly reminder to read your email J

12.  Quarterly reminder to pick up trash as you walk through the building.

13.  Attach picture of Dean from funeral

14.  This Sunday is dress up Sunday for Gospel Project Star Wars in KiDS