Devotion - Dean 

1 Cor. 15 

The Resurrection is crucial to our faith. 

If there is no Resurrection, our faith is in vain. 

Since we know that Jesus did rise from the dead, there are implications for our faith. 

Our perishable bodies must put on the imperishable, and then we can say "Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?" (1 Cor. 15:4-55) 


Sharper Conference recap - Ginger 

4 takeaways: 

1. A consistent vision is important in mobilizing people for ministry 

2. Statistics help us prepare to live on mission (we know where people are, how many people we are trying to reach, and who we need to reach to move the needle in lostness in our city). 

3. Cohesive ministries are successful - every team is pointing people to one place (at Family Church it is their next steps class - First Connection - to take a next step in the church). 

4. Great hospitality advances the vision of reaching people by helping people feel cared for and welcomed. 


Department Updates 


Youth - 

Color Clash event is on April 12th - games, color bombs w/ powder paint, and invites to Wednesday night services. 


City Church U - 

Next service on April 24th - 

Recruiting students to canvas in areas by campus 

The 99 Project is live - will be pushed large-scale after Easter. Visit for more info and to sign up to give! 


Guest Services - 

~100 volunteers for Easter 

The Sunday team is continuing to grow - 5 new volunteers this past Sunday! 


Connections - 

NEXT will be changing into 2 classes to separate a "next steps" class and a membership class. Those will be tentatively called "Connect 101" for next steps and "Connect 201" for membership. 

There will also be a "First Look" class offered on Sundays for guests who want a first glance and chance to know how to get connected at City Church. 


Connect 101 and Connect 201 will begin to be implemented in May. 

First Look is tentatively scheduled to begin the Sunday after Easter. 


More info is coming about these specific dates and how this process will roll out for current owners and new members. Some helpful info for now: 

-Current owners will be grandfathered into the new membership system. 

-Prospective members who attend the first Connect 101 class will be invited to a Members gathering that same night (stay tuned for date/time/info) that will allow all current and new members to be updated on the changes to membership and to sign a new member agreement to begin or renew their church membership. 


Missions - 

60 people attended the missions informational meeting yesterday about upcoming trips and ways to get involved with mission trips. 


KiDS - 

Registration for KiDS Camp (June 5-9) opens at Easter on 4.16! Registration is online at


Music - 

Sets for Good Friday and Easter are done. 

City Church will be hosting the David Phelps concert on Saturday 5/20 at 7:00pm. More info to come soon. Staff are not required but can volunteer. 


Alex - 

We are purchasing the house on Sessions Road to be converted into office space. 

More info is to come on who will be occupying the house and who will be remaining at City Church for office space. Projected move in date is at the end of May. 


Discipleship - 

Working with follow up teams to be ready for care and follow up at Easter. 

Reminder - all of the church is invited to prayer at the Capitol on Monday 4-10 at 10:00am. 

Planning for summer City Groups - will have a focus on sharing the gospel.