1.     Devotional

a.     Leadership Mosaic – Dean

                                               i.     The Contemplative Leader – p. 167

                                              ii.     What do our busy lives communicate to our neighbors?

                                             iii.     The cycle of compulsion

1.     Compare, Covet, Compete

2.     Repenting from signs of narcissism.

3.     “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

2.     Sharper Teaching – Zach

a.     3 Circles gospel conversations – how to most effectively use the tool. (https://www.namb.net/video/3-circles-life-conversation-guide) or you can download the 3 Circles app in the Apple App Store.

3.     Knuckles

4.     City Church U update

a.     Big push at Easter tonight

b.     Hoping to launch the 99 Project tonight

                                               i.     Getting students on board to partner through giving

                                              ii.     Pray for successful roll out and that the message transcends to students and creates buy-in. 

5.     Easter check in

a.     KiDS

                                               i.     Volunteer trainings happening from now until 4/9

                                              ii.     Looking for 5 more volunteers to have a completely full team

                                             iii.     Elementary goody bags with service program

b.     Production

                                               i.     Recruiting volunteers for setup that weekend (7am-2pm Saturday – no tech experience required)

                                              ii.     Finalizing elements of the service

c.     Guest Services

                                               i.     Almost at 100 for volunteers – still recruiting

                                              ii.     Putting people into specific teams this week

d.     Connections

                                               i.     Contact card being finalized

                                              ii.     Working on building the follow up team – need more volunteers for post-Easter follow up.

e.     Staff

                                               i.     Fun Easter week staff outing at SkyZone – time and day TBD – be on the lookout for an email from Kelli.  

f.       Prayer & Care

                                               i.     Prayer at the Capitol on Monday 4/10 at 10:00am

                                              ii.     Fasting on Good Friday

                                             iii.     Easter prayer guide is now live – 21 days leading up to Easter

                                             iv.     Care Room available at Easter – in the home team locker room.

1.     Care room volunteers holding signs

2.     Chairs set up inside with Bibles and resources for people

g.     Communications

                                               i.     Program sent to print this week to be finished

                                              ii.     Majority of collateral is finished

                                             iii.     Good Friday Facebook event is live. Easter Facebook event going out this week. Share and invite.

6.     Other Business

a.     Missions info meeting this coming Sunday 4/2 after 11:00am service in the auditorium. Meeting will not go longer than 30 minutes.

b.     Saturday 4/8 – taking a trip to Bonifay to canvas for Easter. Meet at City Church at 9:30am and carpool over to Grace Church.

c.     Bryant Wright is preaching this Sunday at City Church. Senior Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. Dean is preaching at Wildwood in town.