1. Please take time this week to write a thank you note for Brett Eustice, our Easter event manager at the Civic Center, for managing all of our details and working with the Civic Center staff to make sure Easter went off. You can address that envelope and send it to: 505 West Pensacola Street, 32301. 


2. Next Monday we will have a full Easter review at All Staff. Take this week to debrief with your teams and talk about wins, challenges, things to learn and improve for next year, etc., and we will discuss next Monday. 


3. Update on Easter Follow Up: Connect cards are being entered into the system by data-entry team. At least 3 people indicated they made a decision to trust in Christ for the first time! 


This week will involve follow up with all the people who turned in cards (currently around 90 + online form submissions) by the 30+ person follow up team. A full report will be given next Monday. Please be praying for the conversations and initial follow up that will take place this week. 


4. Kids and Youth camp registrations are open now! Direct people to citychurchkids.com and citychurchtallahassee.com/youth


5. City Church U is next Monday night, 4/24 at 8:00pm. Share the event and invite people Facebook. 


6. Todd is getting together info about David Phelps concert happening on May 20th. 


7. We are hosting a funeral for Jim Sauls (Bob Sauls' brother) this Saturday at 2:00pm. Information to come on any staff requirements or details about the service. 


8.  Church Bonifay update - 77 people at their Easter launch service + a baptism! Please continue to pray for Nathan Price as he leads the church as the senior pastor. 


We also got to hear from Jimmy Scroggins and Kevin Mahoney from Family Church in West Palm. Now that Easter is past us, we will ramp up in conversations and planning around going multi-site as a church in 2018. Continue talking and praying with your teams about some next steps: 

1. Who you can recommend to send on a core team to the new campus. 

2. Compiling processes and systems for your team that can be replicated at a new campus. 

3. Pray for the elders and Dean as they continue to research and determine a location (region and physical space) for a second campus. 


Thankful to serve with each of you! Get some rest tonight!