These are brief, bullet point updates from each department, plus a few reminders. If you have questions about any area, please feel free to reach out to a director for more info. 


Camp planning is underway

Special needs ministry set to have soft launch for end of May 

Partnering with Hang Tough Foundation for a respite night in June 

Alexis Hartsfield stepped down from serving as Kids Camp coordinator (still helping with camp in a lesser capacity) 


On track to achieve Facebook SMART goal 1 month early (Increase likes by 10% by July 1) 

E-news is on hiatus for now--revamping the value and generating new content for future re-release

Stephanie Hawkins serving as summer intern 


Summer cohort begins 5/22

Fall applications will go live July 1

Intern team introduction coming soon 


Men's event June 17 6-9pm at Sessions (

Women's event August 12-13 at Sessions (more info TBD) 

Access Tallahassee summer event dates are attached to this email (YP network of the Chamber of Commerce--City Church sponsors Coffee & Connections) 

Pastor's Office

New preaching schedule for summer/early fall is attached to this email 


Working to reach a SMART goal of increasing revenue by 15% in 2016 

Thoughts on how to accomplish this are welcome

Need to keep the conversation about generosity going and find new ways to work it in

Budget year is switching from Jan-Dec to August-July

Budget requests are due in 2 weeks--5/24/16 to Alex


Working on SMART goal to increase volunteers 

The door to backstage in the hallway by meeting rooms at Sessions will always be locked (this is the last set of double doors in the hallway, that lead to backstage) 

Discipleship & Care

Philippians devotional is now live on the website--please use and share

Summer City Group training is this Saturday at Sessions beginning at 9:00am

There is a new process in the works for Care--see Craig for more details

SMART goal to double the number of deacons has been reached (woo!)--for names, see attachment to this email

SMART goal to elect a chairman of deacons has been reached (Mike Crouch) 

Eric Boatright is being baptized this Sunday by his dad, Allen Boatright

2 more baptisms happening the following Sunday, 5/22--details to come


Cleaning service comes to Sessions on Mondays and Fridays. Please submit any specific cleaning requests (such as spot cleaning or things that may have been missed) to Alex. 


Block party happening Wednesday 5/18 6:00-8:30pm at Sessions--staff are invited

Team Tallahassee football kick off dinner on Friday 7/29 5-7pm at Sessions

6 interns for summer 


Average info card response has increased from 7 to 23 (woo!)--SMART goal being achieved

Jenna Elliott is serving as new Guest Services coordinator in an unpaid staff capacity 


9 college students traveling on summer missions 

College City Groups launch tonight and continue on Mondays at Sessions until 6/27 

Zach is working on building an intern team for City Church U leadership