1. Statistics on info card response from this Sunday: 

45 total cards turned in (major growth!)

23 first-time visitors

14 second-time visitors

14 new families for KiDS

Let's all be mindful of these people who are connected and encourage our teams to engage people on Sundays, to help them take next steps, and to support Zach & the Connections team as we ourselves meet new people and can help them personally and individually connect at City Church.  

2. There are 2 baptisms this Sunday: 

Gloria Bailey

Andrew Bascom 

3. NEXT is this Sunday from 5:30-7:30 at Sessions. 

Staff are encouraged to attend NEXT whenever possible, even for the first 30-45 min, when there is a prime time to connect with attendees. If you are available to serve as a table host, please let Zach know (for any future NEXT dates as well). 

4. Youth block party is this Wednesday from 6-8:30 at Sessions! Stay tuned for a possible rain plan if needed, but pray for no rain. Staff are welcome and encouraged to come, hang out, and connect with students and parents. If you come, please stay after for a few minutes to help tear down and reset the space with Hunter's team. 

5. Bryan Bair gave an update on his church plant, South Point, launching officially on August 21. Requests for prayer: 

-For securing a meeting location (top pick & potential place is the Armory, with a meeting with their people this week)

-To find a music leader

-To pinpoint a leader for kids ministry

-For Bryan's new part-time job at Bass Pro, to make strategic connections and to invite people to South Point. 

6. If you need a check written for a purchase, please ask Alex or Kelli rather than Lindsey Hartsfield (she is a designated "check signer" but you need to get it authorized first). Invoices are still preferred for payments, if possible. 

7. Alarm codes for Sessions are being assigned. See Alex or Kelli for yours. 

8. The AC at Sessions is now on a regulated schedule. Ask Alex about adjustments before making them. 

9. If you are the point person for an event/training/other gathering in Sessions, please remember that your event is not done until the space has been reset for the next thing happening there. Please throw all food away or send it home--do not store it in the kitchen since the building is not always being used or frequented. 

10. There will be a rotating schedule of staff guys who will lock up on Sundays after services. Stay tuned for your weeks to be assigned. 

11. You can submit items for the all staff agenda to Ashlyn. Please submit items ideally by Thursday before the next all staff. Items can be submitted as late as Sunday night with the risk that they may not make it onto that Monday's agenda, and could be pushed to the following week.