Yesterday in all staff we recapped our first Sunday at the new building. Here is a summary of main points of feedback, as well as any point people who have been assigned to each one. 

We will continue our Knowing Christ devotion next week with Ginger leading! 

Sunday Evaluations

1. We have set a high bar for church in Tallahassee, and we should aim to keep this Sunday momentum as we move forward. 

2. We are all responsible for taking personal initiative in follow up--if you saw someone who came to City Church or who is getting connected, don't just rely on the follow up system or a process queue--personally connect with this person and let him or her know you're excited that they came. 

3. Identified a need for an increased usher presence in the back of the auditorium, and a way to guide people in from the bright lobby into the dark auditorium. (Zach/Guest Services--ushers; Ryan--lights) 

4. It was helpful at the 11:00 service to encourage people from stage to move to the center of the row. Ushers should continue to ask people to slide toward the middle, and we will consider doing a regular "welcome/slide to the middle" about 3 min. before service starts. 

5. Staff should continue to create a culture of connecting in the lobby outside of the service--try not to let anyone be found standing alone without someone to talk to. This can also be improved in the auditorium as well by talking to people who are already seated before service. 

6. Stage needs to be clear by 8:30am after run through. (Ryan/Todd) 

7. Need to be actively checking the bathrooms for needs of refilling soap, paper towels, mints, etc. 

8. Continue to recruit and shoulder tap friendly, personable people who would be good additions to the Guest Services/Connections team. 

9. Encourage people to fill out info cards. This goes back to point 2--if your friend or family member comes, encourage them to fill out a card.