Hey Group Leaders!

I hope you've all had a great first week of groups and college leaders, I'm excited for you all to start groups in just a few days!

We jump into Hebrews chapters 1 & 2 this week. Its going to be awesome!

Quick note: I'm going to be in Hawaii all next week on vacation! If you have any questions Groups-related, I'm going to check my email once or twice during next week but I won't be readily accessible. Gaelin Craighead is taking care of much of the admin responsibilities of groups during next week, so it may be in your favor to reach out to her. Her email is Gaelin@citychurchtallahassee.com.

ADULT Groups Discussion Guide - Week 2.

COLLEGE Groups Discussion Guide - Hybrid of Overview + Week 2.

Selected Commentary for Hebrews 1-2.

Selected Commentary for Overview Passages (College Groups).