1. There is a lie we believe that says we must go around God, not to God, to find life. 

2. We all have a fear of missing out on other options in life by not obeying God. 

3. This fear has to do with idol worship, when we worship something other than God. 

4. An idol can be anything that promises happiness, comfort and security apart from God. 

5. Idols often start out as good things, but when these good things become ultimate in our lives, they start to control us. 

6. An idol is something we so desperately need that we feel we cannot have a fulfilled life without it. 

7. God's Word warns us to guard ourselves from idols. 

8. There are three ways to guard ourselves: 

    a. Remind ourselves of the Gospel 

    b. Have real relationships with people who are allowed to ask us honest questions. 

    c. Guard our hearts against the world. 

9. We can know the one true God in Jesus Christ, and find eternal life in Him. 

10. The Gospel frees us from the fear of missing out by leading us to a truly fulfilling life in relationship with Jesus.