In October, we'll be launching a new campus at 1200 W Tharpe Street.

Following a unanimous vote by Forest Heights Baptist Church to merge with City Church, we'll begin a church revitalization work by legacy planting a new City Church campus.

You can join the Launch Team here.

And make sure to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below.

City Church Tharpe Street: 55 Years in the Making


Q: What's the Launch Date?
A: We're shooting for Sunday, October 12 at 11:00 AM.  We'll have a live band and full City Church Kids, mixed with live and video teaching from Pastor Dean.

Q: What's the Launch Team all about?
A: We're praying for 100 City Church Leon attenders to view themselves as Tallahassee missionaries by committing to making Tharpe Street their City Church home.

Q: How did all of this come about?
A: God.  No really, he's been in every detail.  Forest Heights approach City Church.  The Holy Spirit blessed our Elders and the Forest Heights Leadership Council with unity, and a few months of discussion lead to a unanimous vote last week.

Q: How will staffing and leadership work?
A: It's going to take lots of volunteers!  Our central staff will be helping replicate the City Church experience at Tharpe Street and Leon, and our elders will lead and shepherd both campuses for now.  We our hoping to bring a campus pastor on board for Tharpe Street soon.

Q: What about Sessions Road?
A: Sessions Road is still on track to open next year, and our Leon High Campus will move to Sessions Road then.

Q:  I've got an un-frequently asked question.  How can I ask that one too?
A: Email our Executive Pastor, Matthew Robinson, at