1. There is a lie we believe that says we have more to gain by disobeying God than there is by being faithful to Him. 

2. This is the second lie we believe as a result of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). We also often believe the lie that we must go around God, and not to God, to find life. 

3. The choices we make that are fueled by a fear of missing out are often the result of idolatry in our lives. 

4. When our idols are challenged, we become defensive and feel the need to protect those idols. 

5. The truth of idolatry is that idolizing something prevents one from being able to enjoy that thing at all. 

6. Gaining and worshiping idols only heightens a sense of fear in us, because only God can truly sustain the weight of our souls. Idols cannot sustain us and increasingly demand more from us.

7. There are 2 realities we need to understand about idols in order to see what FOMO does to us: 

   a. Idols need to be protected 

   b. Idols demand sacrifices to keep them happy   

8. It is impossible to live our lives in total freedom without worshiping someone or something. 

9. The gospel tells us that though we were once slaves to sin, if we are in Christ we are now liberated from sin and are free to worship God.

10. The gospel kills FOMO in us because we will not fear missing out on other idols when we are worshiping and living for the one true God.