1. God has a specific design for our lives. 
2. This design is for all aspects of our lives, from family to relationships to careers, and beyond. It is for God's glory. 
3. Something inside of us has a desire to depart from God's design for our lives and go our own way.
4. The word for our rebellion against God's design is "sin." 
5. When we rebel against our Creator, God, and practice sin, we end up in a state of brokenness. 
6. We try to find a way to escape our brokenness, but we often continue in sin and try to numb the pain of brokenness. 
7. There is another way to escape our sin, and that is to believe in Jesus Christ and to repent from our sin. 
8. "Repent" is God's word for change. 
9. Because God loves us, he doesn't leave us in brokenness. Instead, he offers the gospel, the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins. 
10. When we believe the gospel and repent, we are renewed by God and become new creations to live in God's design for our lives.


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