1. Almost everyone has some kind of a dream about marriage, and what their own marriage will be like. 

2. If our dreams are not in line God's design, they will never be fully realized and lead us to discontentment and being unfulfilled. 

3. God's design is that a man and a woman join together in marriage to become one flesh. 

4. In marriage, a husband and wife have a primary relationship with one another. They will each leave their own mother and father and join together as one. 

5. Every marriage is intercultural, because it involves the joining of two people from different family cultures and traditions. 

6. A husband and wife are not called to smother one another with expectations and comparisons, but to build a new life together. 

7. A man and woman become one flesh in intercourse, but that continues daily in their work together for oneness in marriage. 

8. God's design for marriage is not random. It is to give a human display of what He has done for us in the gospel. 

9. Just as marriage is a covenant, God has made a covenant with us to unite us to Himself through Jesus Christ. 

10. The covenant of marriage helps us understand the covenant God has made with us.