1. Jesus' followers in the New Testament were not known for being very bold.  

2. When the disciples witnessed Jesus rising from the grave, they were filled with the boldness of the Holy Spirit to tell others about Jesus. 

3. Even the people who at first did not believe the disciples were moved to say that an undeniable event had happened and a movement was spreading out from the followers of Jesus. 

4. This mission to spread the news of Jesus Christ started 2,000 years ago and continues today. 

 5. The book of Acts tells how the disciples began to spread the news of Jesus Christ to the people around them. 

 6. This message of salvation has been given to those of us today who have placed our faith in Christ. 

 7. We did not receive the message of salvation to keep it to ourselves, but to have a great vision to share it with others. 

8. People who believe and share the gospel bring glory to God. That is what we as followers of Christ should be doing, 

9. The Church can spread this message of salvation together in several ways: 

   a. By being urgent about what brings God the most glory. 

   b. By being "Called, Not Employed"

   c. By remembering our own stories of how we received the message of salvation 

10. God is glorified when even one person places his or her faith in Jesus Christ and repents

from sin.