1. After coming to faith in Christ and being taught by Paul, Titus began to demonstrate maturity and ability as a leader in Crete. 

2. Paul placed Titus to lead the Cretan church, to protect the doctrine and health of the church. 

3. A healthy church is a faithful witness to the world around it, which needs to hear the message of Jesus Christ. 

4. These Christians that Titus was to lead could accomplish the mission of reaching non-believers in Crete with the gospel.

5. Christians witness to the culture around them through gospel proclamation and gospel application. 

6. Paul writes to Titus that the church can also serve as an example by living out Biblical gender roles. 

7. Paul explains that women are called first to order their hearts and then their homes, being devoted first to caring for their family and duties within the home.

8. At the same time, men are called to exercise self control and display spiritual maturity as the heads of their households. 

9. Paul teaches Titus that this counter-cultural way of living serves a purpose for the church that goes beyond simply being a healthy church. 

10. Christians are called to display the life-changing truth of the gospel to all people because it is the hope of their salvation. Living distinct lives will point to a distinct God, from the Christians on the island of Crete to our own lives serving as witnesses today.