Department Updates: 


Intern applications for fall 2016 are still open and due August 12th. 

Residency program will launch January 2017. 

Women's event registration closes August 7th - please share and invite friends! 


-meeting with key volunteers to increase team to about 65-70 volunteers each Sunday 

-personal asks for new volunteers 


-recording process under way for Christmas album for 2017 


-AC schedule adjustment requests should go to Todd via email 

-reminder about support tickets on Staff website 


-make sure chairs are over the floor plates by the camera platforms when put back in place from events. 

-Staff board next to the alarm panel to let people know you're here or not here (at Sessions). 


-123 students at Youth camp, over 300 players and coaches at Team Tallahassee 

-3 week "back to school" break. Starting back at FKO (Fall Kick Off) on August 24th. 


-Fall schedules released for groups (see handout, or get one from Craig) 

-Looking at how to increase traffic for online devotional for Galatians, coming off of Philippians study 

-Looking at about 45 groups for fall (goal is at least 50) 

-Developing a new believer mentor team 

Include updates from Women's Event, Communications, Interns & Residency. 


-Preaching schedule for fall - send out updated version (ask Lindsey) 


-Follow up in the works for KiDS Camp 

-70 preschoolers during 9am on Sunday 

-2 kids with special needs this past Sunday 

-Staring Gospel Project on August 14 (back to school Sunday) 

Fall Prep and Planning: 

Summer 2014 average: 679 people per week including kids and volunteers 

Fall 2014 average: 953 

Summer 2016 average: 1063 


-Expecting 250-275 kids on Sunday mornings 

-Need more space 

-Looking into portables for classrooms (how will this affect parking, safety of transitioning kids, extra security, etc.) 

-Adjusting classrooms - need to split up 1yo and 2yo rooms 

-Volunteers - need at least 10 additional per service 

-Using iPads for check in during the line (have iPad person help to move families out of lines by opening and closing stanchion lines?) 


**Parking idea - tall signage (like mall or Disney) 


-Shuttle service idea - need to make sure it is running consistently and a quality, positive experience to efficiently transport people. 

-Looking into renting a 15 passenger van to shuttle 


-Currently about 400 open parking spaces between gravel loop lot and FSU lot 

-50 at FBMC for volunteers 

-Microtel, Country Inn, Burger King, Walmart - 80 spots 

-30ish spots on curb on Sessions Rd 

-Idea of asking to part at Chick Fil A N Monroe and shuttling 

-Need solutions for the mass groups 

Sunday morning: 


With 80% rule, we max out at 780 chairs per service (900 out). Likely we will hit that in the next several weeks. 

Usher plan needed to accompany 

Words on the screen - request to move to the top of the screen, hard to see at the bottom. Need to move faster. Looking into other options including additional screens just for lyrics.