1. The Christmas season can often become more about characters we play to celebrate a season.

2. More than simply celebrating Christmas, when we choose Christmas we are choosing to believe Jesus as the Son of God.

3. In Christmas, we see more than warm fuzzies of the holiday season. We see the power of God's love for us in sending His Son for us.

4. We were separated from God in our rebellion by sin, and Christmas was the only solution to this problem.

5. Because of our unbelief and rebellion, we could not get to God. Christmas is the story of God coming to us, choosing us first.

6. Christmas is about God's plan to display his loving power through sending Jesus as the Savior to the world.

7. God's Word tells of "peace on Earth." We cannot achieve peace on Earth without attaining peace with God.

8. Peace with God only comes through the forgiveness of sins.

9. We cannot attain this on our own, but Jesus came as the sacrifice for our sins, and through Him we are reconciled to peace with God.

10. To choose Christmas is to choose Christ, who did not come to condemn the world, but to save the world through Himself.