1. A Christian who loves his or her church and is committed to being a part of it, should have a plan to financially support it.

2. Most people do not give to church for 1 of 2 reasons:
   a. They don't have a giving plan
   b. They think "The church doesn't need my money!"

3. There are two extreme approaches to giving in the church, and neither one shows true generosity:
    a. "God wants 10% of your money, and after that you can do whatever you want.
   b. "God's only plan for our money is that we give it away."

4. There is a third way to understand generosity, and that is through the gospel.

5. God did not give us His leftovers--He gave us His very best, His one and only Son.

6. Jesus' radical sacrifice and generosity for us should be a model and a motivation to be radically generous toward others.

7. Our responsibility is to give up our self-serving ways and pour out our lives to follow Jesus.

8. We are not to trust in riches or define our lives by an abundance of possessions.

9. Money is the top competitor in our lives for 2 things:
   a. Security
   b. Meaning

10. True generosity starts when we stop trying to "tip" God and begin to worship Him.