J e s u s, SERVANT

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Let’s be honest, if you could have someone clean your toilets for you—you would. Servants are people who do things that no one wants to do for themselves. The way the world seems to work and the way we seem to intuitively see things leads us to believe that success looks like doing more and more of what you want to do for yourself, when you want to do it. According to the world, serving—especially in an unpleasant task—is for people too weak or ill-equipped to have someone do those tasks for them.

However, in the same way that Jesus upended the money-changer’s tables in the temple, the Bible shows us a picture of servitude that stands the popular conception on its head.

Everything Jesus did and does is marked by service. In coming to Earth to begin his redemptive mission, he was serving God the Father by humbling himself through sharing in our humanity. Jesus’ earthly ministry was marked by service, too. His teaching served the people who needed to hear the Scriptures preached with life, power, and authority.

Of course, the example of service that most likely comes to mind is when Jesus washed the dirty, road-worn feet of the disciples. We no longer walk barefoot on dirt roads, and yet most of us don’t like the idea of touching someone else’s feet! Consider the depth of love and service Jesus exhibited in further humbling himself this way.

However, the picture of dirty feet being washed clean is actually a pointer to and picture of the ultimate way Jesus came to serve. Isaiah speaks of Jesus as a suffering Servant who comes to carry our sin and endure the punishment we deserve. Though our sins have stained us like scarlet, he washes us white as snow. Jesus didn’t just serve by washing feet; he washes our guilt and shame away. Perhaps most strikingly, consider that Jesus—God Incarnate—willingly serves the very people he created to glorify him. 

He deserves our service; we do not deserve his. His service to us is grace, and our service to him is worship. In a time where service is something often avoided, we can model the heart of our Savior in selflessly serving our Lord and our neighbor. Jesus modeled it, and we should do it.