It's here! We are in our last week of groups for this term. Thank you all for your leadership of your groups this round. It's been a great ride through the end of the book of Mark. 

This week our discussion turns to the end of Mark's gospel account. In our passage, Mark writes of the resurrection of Jesus. His abbreviated ended leaves his readers wrestling with how will they, how will you, respond to the fact that Jesus is risen from the grave. 

As you look at the discussion guide you will note that we've decided to condense the discussion this week to allow more time for prayer in your group time. It's recommended that you take some time in your groups to pray through 1 Corinthians 15. It's fitting to end our study of the book of Mark in a time of concentrated prayer, giving thanks for what God has done for us through Jesus and his resurrection. 

Thank you for your labors in the Lord. 

Your Co-Laborers in Christ, 

Joe and Kaylan