We are hearing some great things about our City Groups!  One group organized a tour of both The Women's Pregnancy Center and The PHI Center here in Tallahassee (both dedicated to helping women and families through pregnancies and post-natal family life) to better learn how they could partner with one of these organizations.  Another group leader cooks dinner most every Sunday night and those who want to show up to eat can and do. We've heard of some great theological discussions that are happening and tremendous growth in knowledge of God's Word just from these dinners.  And many members of another City Group attended disaster relief training last Saturday.  Thank you all for being wonderful examples of faithful service.  God is using your sacrifice of time and resources to reach and grow so many!  We hope these stories will encourage you as much as it encourages us.

Please keep in mind that it is Spring Break this week.  Proactively communicate details with your group about your plans for meeting this week.  We realize that some (many even) of your groups may not meet due to many members being out of town.  If that is the case, try going out for dinner or dessert with those still in town and enjoy a night of fun and fellowship instead.  Be creative, but be in community and be encouraging one another!

We echo Paul's sentiments to the believers in Philippi as we thank God for each one of you and joyfully pray for you and your groups as we serve our Lord together!

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