Ephesians 4

1. Paul is not simply asking the Ephesian Christians to be more moral people. 

2. As followers of Christ, we are called to live distinctly because of our faith, among those who do not believe. 

3. Distinct lives point to a distinct God. 

4. Christians are to live distinctly for the glory of God and for the mission of God. 

5. Every Christian is called to the mission of God, to bring glory to Him and reach other people for Christ. 

6. There is still a moral transformation that happens when someone becomes a Christian, but that is only in response to the grace of God give in Jesus Christ. 

7. Any change in us that causes us to look more like Christ is the result of God's grace, not a work of our own to achieve the grace of God. 

8. We must always ask ourselves, "What about following Jesus makes you different?" in order to continue living convictional lives.