Why should I join a City Group? 
“Because growth happens best in community, not alone.”

What are City Groups? 
City Groups are small groups of people gathered throughout the city with a mission to grow more like Jesus and to reach people with the Gospel. 

City Groups are one of the best ways to connect with new friends, discover and deepen your relationship with God and find support to live on mission each day in our city.  In short, City Groups are about Community, Growth and Mission


•  Where life-changing friendships are formed.
•  Where the joys of life are celebrated and the struggles are shouldered. 
•  Where messy lives of all ages, genders, races and backgrounds find unity in the Gospel.
•  Meeting during the week in homes throughout the city.
•  We launch new groups every semester and you can join anytime


•  Where the Bible and real life issues are discussed. 
•  Where you can ask honest questions.
•  Where you can discover and deepen your relationship with God. 
•  Where you can be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to grow more like Jesus.
•  Most groups discuss the sermon, the Bible or other approved curriculum. 
•  You can expect to learn about the Gospel and how to apply it to your life


•  Where you can learn to live like local missionaries in our city.
•  Where you can learn more about the Gospel and how to share it with your lost friends. 
•  Where you can be inspired, encouraged and supported to live ‘called not employed’ in your vocation.
•  This could be a Gospel-saturated environment to invite your lost friends to. 
•  City Groups are as ‘For the Gospel and For the City’ as the larger expressions of City Church.