Have you ever been with a group of friends, having a great time, and found yourself asking the question, “What’s the move?” Maybe you had already finished and paid for your meal at a restaurant and wanted to go do more,or maybe the football game was over and you still wanted to hang out. The phrase, “What’s the move?” is another way of asking, “What is next?”

The same way that this can happen with your friends after a football game, this can happen in your relationship with Christ. We are not saved and then called to stand still. We are saved and then called to move towards Christ. For the Christian, our lives are a continual movement towards being more and more like Christ, and that movement starts at the very moment you first believe.

In the Bible we see that one of the first moves for every believer should be baptism, which is an important part of following Jesus.

Here are a few things you need to understand about Baptism.

Baptism doesn’t save; it shows.

Only the gospel, the good news about Jesus, can save us. Jesus lived a perfect life so that He could be the perfect substitute to sit in our place on the cross. On the cross an exchange happened that changed everything. On the cross Jesus gave us the record of His perfect life, and took on the punishment for our sin. Three days later Jesus resurrected victoriously, defeating death and sin, and proving that this exchange was successful.  When we place our faith in Jesus, we experience that exchange that gives us a right standing with God. Salvation isn’t earned in the baptismal, it is given as a gift through faith.

Baptism is a public showing of that saving faith. If you like sports, it’s like the moment an athlete commits to a college and puts on the school’s hat and says, “I’m with them.” Baptism is a way to celebrate your salvation and show that “You are with Jesus.”

Baptism doesn’t need to wait.

Baptism isn’t for perfect people, or mature people, or for old people (no offense parents). Baptism is for saved people. Once we truly believe the gospel we should make the move to show the world where we stand. In the Bible, Baptism always follows faith, but there is no reason to put it off once you have began to follow Jesus.

One of my favorite examples of this is found in Acts 8:26-40 (link)  where Philip shares the gospel with an Ethiopian Eunuch who responds by placing his faith in the gospel and asking this very important question.

“What prevents me from being baptized?” Acts 8:36

Take a moment to ask yourself that same question. What is preventing you from being baptized? Is it confusion? If so, begin to seek clarity with an older leader in the church who can walk alongside you and help. Is it pride? Are you worried about what people will think if you make that statement to the world?

I can promise you that making the move to be obedient in following Jesus through Baptism is greater than whatever barrier standing in your way.

If you are in Christ, and following Him, then make the move today.

For more information on Baptism, or if you would like to sign up to get baptized, click here.