Janelle Irwin is the mother of Caitlyn and Grayson and stays at home full time. When she first became a stay at home mom, she struggled with her new identity until she realized God had specifically called her to be that. Her world has now been changed and has realized her job is much more than changing diapers and cleaning dishes.

In 2013, Grayson was diagnosed with Leukemia. Through all of the challenges that comes with cancer, Janelle knew it all remained in God's sovereign hands. Through blogging throughout treatments, Janelle has been able to share the Gospel across the nation and impact lives for His kingdom. 

Although I would take away Grayson’s cancer and pain in a heartbeat, what it has done in my life, in my relationship with Christ and out in the mission field...that’s irreplaceable to me and it’s just been amazing how God has been working through Grayson’s little life.

After going through everything with Grayson's cancer, she started the Hang Tough Foundation to help support other families that are going through similar things her family went through.