1.     Devotion

a.     Jared Wilson post - Please read (link in email)

b.     Staff reading assignment – Over the next several months, we will be investing in reading time as a staff. You will receive a shared Google Doc with a list of books, each one assigned to a different staff member. You will receive the actual book within the next 2 weeks and will be assigned a due date to read the book and prepare a general report to present at All Staff on a given day. At the end of the presentations, we will do a book swap and you will have the opportunity to exchange books and read a new one that may interest you based on the All Staff reports.

2.     Knuckles

3.     KiDS Camp Day 1 Updates & Recap

a.     No major updates – Rain is expected tomorrow, so please be prepared to help in any way as needed.

b.     Say thank-you to volunteers serving this week – it goes a long way!

4.     Department Updates

a.     Todd – IT everything is working

                                               i.     Band is recruiting for fall semester – send vocalists and musicians to Todd

                                              ii.     Backstage Pass – developing an opportunity for people to learn how to serve in band and production, technology – snapshot of volunteer positions and training. More info coming soon – happening in July.

b.     Hunter

                                               i.     99 project updates – 51 partnering – around $34,000 annually committed - $5,000 in one-time gifts

                                              ii.     City Church U – building a team of student leaders right now (group leaders and/or high capacity team leaders)

                                             iii.     Youth – Zach Meredith transition continues – youth volunteers have been notified

                                             iv.     Sam Wittek – fully funded for residency! – He will begin in July as a next generation music leader.

c.     Robert 

                                               i.     Working on budget for 2017-2018

d.     Alex

                                               i.     Travel updates – Dean, Ashlyn, Alex in Phoenix, AZ from Saturday 6/10-Thursay 6/15

                                              ii.     Many people out this Sunday – please make an extra effort to have eyes for problems or opportunities if you are here.

                                             iii.     Get credit card receipts in to Kelli ASAP

                                             iv.     New office space – construction beginning soon, plan to move in by the end of June.

                                              v.     Portables – permits are getting applied for this week

                                             vi.     New approach to collecting offering – starting the week of June 18th

e.     Communications

                                               i.     4,000+ likes on the City Church Facebook page!

                                              ii.     Staff page on website – updated headshots and bios are happening – see Chelsea if you need one or need to submit a bio

                                             iii.     New requests process is moving along – success so far – please keep using the system.

f.       Production

                                               i.     “Backstage Pass” volunteer training for band & production—happening in July  

                                              ii.     Lord’s Supper will be taken every 2 weeks on Sundays now

g.     KiDS

                                               i.     Child dedications on Father’s Day – sign up on citychurchkids.com

                                              ii.     Finished most recent “Star Wars” series – starting “Diving In” this Sunday (scuba/snorkel/water theme)

h.     Guest Services

                                               i.     Collecting offering in a different way this Sunday

                                              ii.     Changing processes for Lord’s Supper to make it more efficient

                                             iii.     Connect 101 and Connect 201 dates are set – check master calendar for more info

i.       Dean

                                               i.     Leaving for sabbatical in July

                                              ii.     Out this Sunday – Brian Seagraves is preaching

                                             iii.     The official Bible of City Church is now the CSB translation. Please use this translation in your ministry areas.  

j.       Ashlyn

                                               i.     10-Year Anniversary planning is continuing

1.     Saturday night event on 8/19- “A Night To Remember”

a.     Save the date and formal invitations go out this month

b.     For people traveling back to Tallahassee for the Ten events, they can use a hotel block at Home2 Suites (at Park & Magnolia – new hotel) with a special City Church rate.

5.     Other Business

a.     City Groups are launching this week – be inviting people and pointing people to the website to sign up.

b.     We had record numbers this past Sunday (6/4)!

                                               i.     1130 in the auditorium for both services (up almost 350 from this time last year)

                                              ii.     266 in KiDS for both services – highest attendance in City Church KiDS ever!

6.     Closing Prayer