I. Devotion - Leadership Mosaic, "The Creative Leader" 

Key quotes: 

"Your knowledge provides the fuel for your imagination" 

"Creativity is imagination applied" 

Reflection Questions: 

1. How can we carry out creative visions into actions? 

2. What do we need to do to fail forward or try new things? 


II. IMB London Update from Zach

-Still in early development stages of being a strategic city 

-1 in 7 Londoners are Muslims. The city is very multi-ethnic and post-Christian. 

-Zach and team handed out gospel tracts to Muslim neighborhoods 

-IMB currently has a team of 3 people working on a strategy to reach the city 

-One opportunity is to start businesses to begin reaching the city because there are little to no niche areas where the church can step in to meet a need, because of the government. 

-Pray for ongoing conversations and planning about how City Church can be a part of this growing strategic city. 


III. Conversation about getting people to move to 9:00am Sunday serivce

-We need to encourage people to make 9:00am their service - both asking current 9:00am attendees to stay, and some from 11:00am to commit to 9:00. 

 -City Church KiDS - more PS at 9:00am and ES at 11:00am. Most families with kids have chosen a consistent service from observation. 

-It would be a good idea to put a time frame on this ask/commitment - example, "for the next 10 weeks; for the spring semester". This gives people an expectation of what's coming next and a specific idea of what they are committing to. 

-Parking - we need to continue to utilize every parking area available to us, including FBMC spots, Maytag lot by Monroe St., and possibly Walmart if needed.  

How can we all be working together? 

-This can't be treated like a one-week problem - needs to be done over and over again until we decide it's no longer necessary. 

-Giving people the full picture of WHY - because we know a third service is imminent but we need a temporary bandaid to create some breathing room while we plan for the better solution. 

-Begin grassroots asks and be on the look for formal talking points or creative media to support this ask. 

Other business - 

1. Redemption Groups launched Saturday - Pray for Craig and the RG team as it is an emotionally draining process. There are 2 full RG groups this semester!  

2. A developing marriage enrichment team is growing, with plans to host the first marriage enrichment event in late summer/early fall. 

3. Send thank-you note(s) to the team caring for our African refugees (email addresses are also linked in names) 

David Olawale (encourager, getting mentors for the men) 
Lucy Ngatia (translator) 
Anne and Tex Hudgens (meeting weekly with families for English lessons, providing transportation) 
Bobbie Jo Crouch (working on finding jobs) 
Jen Stewart (sharing and communicating about the group, organizing efforts) 

Some exciting highlights: 

-240 kids in City Church KiDS this past Sunday! 

-Over 1500 people total this past Sunday morning! 

-Almost 500 people in attendance at City Groups this past week!