1. Assigned reading for flex time/before the new year is Leadership Mosaic by Daniel Montgomery. If you need a book, please let your director or me or Alex know so we can get you one. We will begin discussions of this book weekly during all staff, starting the first week of 2017. 

2. All Staff will not be on Monday Jan. 2, due to the office being closed in observance of New Years Day. Rescheduled all staff is TBD and that info will be sent out soon. 

3. Please begin clearing out and junk or extra stuff you have in your areas at Sessions. Things may be taken to storage, but if you know you won't use ______ over the next year and it's not a long-term monetary investment, pitch it. We can all do our part to help keep our building clean and de-cluttered. 

4. For any event where we have pizza or large amounts of food, please take food and leftover boxes to the dumpsters to keep room in the trash cans for daily trash. If you see any trash outside, please pick it up. We will spend a little time next week picking up trash to get the building cleaned up before Christmas Eve. 

5. For Christmas Day services, there will be no staff presence required at Sessions. We'll put up signage and continue to remind people (through your teams, social media, Sunday, etc.) about no services on Christmas Day. 

6. Christmas Eve notes: 

-We will have candles during the service. Alex will lead the church in lighting candles during the service. 

-Zach & Alex will collaborate on ushers helping people get their candles lit. 

-We will as a staff help put together candles following all staff next Monday, 12/19.

-The gravel lot on Sessions Road will be available for Christmas Eve. Matt STrenth is coordinating the parking team for that night (but will not be here). 

-In general, this has the potential to be our largest one-service gathering at our campus so far. Please be prepared to be "all hands on deck" and help provide a presence for guest services, KiDS, or any other needs as they come up that night. 

7. Please write a thank you note to Erick Casto as he transitions off his role as Elder for this year.