I. Leadership Mosaic discussion 

Pg. 20 - Which leader do you see yourself as? 

Pg. 37 - Values vs. Conviction

II. Christmas Eve - reflection and evaluation 

Wins + things that went well: 

-Length of service was great 

-Had its own feel, unique from COTM 

-Liturgy and candle instructions 

-Kid-friendly candles 

-1100 people in the auditorium (good to see how it worked and that we can get that many people there) 

-Very easy to invite people to the service 

-Music in the lobby with instruments and carolers 

Challenges + things to consider for next year: 

-Some complaints that music was too loud 

-Candles - to do or not to do next year? Is the tradition worth it? 

-What can we do more to build expectation and momentum leading up to Christmas season? Both in communications and in church discipleship during Advent season. 

-More tools for inviting and communication outside of social media and Sunday announcements?

-Need to keep in mind that people will show up an hour in advance - clear stage and be done with run through. 

-Determining what KiDS environments will look like for next year. 2 services would help recruit volunteers more. 


III. Department Updates 


Child dedications full for 1/15 

Next spring date for CD is 3/5 

Back on Gospel Project curriculum - this week is Moses was born and called - What is God's plan? To rescue his people from captivity. 

Major win in December - seeing families come back who haven't been in awhile 

KiDS Camp is June 5-9 - "Gadgets and Gizmos" 

Communications - 

New volunteer - Micheal Simmons

Interns - 

New interns for spring: 

KiDS- Rebecca Caudill, Jessica James. Abbey Pate 

Youth - JR Hobbs

Production - Carrie Hardaway

Access - 

Coffee & Connections this Friday 8-9am at RedEye in Bannerman Crossings   

Missions - 

Trying to fill GenSend students for NOLA this summer 

Zach is traveling to London later this month to try to solidify a partnership with IMB 


January NEXT is Sunday 1/29


Please keep all doors to the auditorium closed during the week to help contain the AC air 

Todd needs advance notice for any changes to the AC schedule for special events. Please fill out a support ticket at least a week in advance for this. 

Intern emails - once interns circle out, please let Todd know that they have finished their term 


Launch of City Groups on 1/15 

Promo in lobby on 1/8 and 1/15 

Group leader training this Saturday, 1/7 

Win - 4 more multiplying groups 

Redemption Groups launching on Saturday 1/28 - sign up online 

3 Baptisms so far for January 

See attachment for Care ministry for 2017 

Youth - 

Getting back into the swing of things next week 1/11 

Updated timeline for Hunter-Zach transition 


City Church U on 1/30 

Dan and Kelly Smith - college group coaches (co-ed) 

Chris and Gaelin Craighead - college group coaches (men/women)

Production - 

New intern - Carrie Hardaway - focusing on video 

Lord's Supper on 1/22 during service 

Finance - 

Adopting a new online giving system - PushPay (implementing over the next few months) 

Formatted for excellent and easy mobile giving

If you can, give by ACH because it's the lowest processing fee for us 

Year-end giving statements will be folded and sent out next week - be on the lookout for an email about a time block to help out 

Staffing - 

Josh Schmidt is no longer in a staffing role here - outside funding ending 

Dean - 

Vision talk this Sunday 

Begin going through the gospel of Mark for the spring (with some interruptions) 

Mark online devotional will go out the same day as the sermon series begins. 

IV. Other Business 

-Need to wrap up storage clearing out - be on the lookout for an email to come help over the next 2 weeks 

-If you haven't decluttered, do it now!