Attendees: Dean I, Josh S, Todd D, Ryan M, Bryan S, Alex S, Lindsay B, Ginger C, Craig S, Ashlyn P, Sarah S
Devotion: Pastor Dean

1 John 2:15-17

- Loving the things of the world is in direct conflict with the will of the Father. 

- The Lust of the Flesh

  • I want to feel that.

- The Lust of the Eyes

  • I want to have that.

- The Pride of Life

  • I want to be that.
  • I should be that. I deserve to be that.

- The love of the world always goes back to "I"

- The result of these three things are the love of the world. 

- Love the world less. Love the Father, which comes through loving Christ.

Department Updates:


- Updating processes for Care Ministry

- Creating a study for the Daniel sermon series that will be available online

- Redemption Care Groups launch 01/30


- 123 Kids on Sunday

- 20 Volunteers showed up for Stand Up meeting before the service.

- Working on a lot of updates on form, policy, etc.

- Working on being efficient and effective in volunteer communication

- Volunteer Promo Video to be played on Jan 10th.

- Volunteer Appreciation - Jan 31st.

- 11:55 service will have Kids Camp/Base Camp style programming. There will be time for free play, the memory verse, bible application, and fun and creative games.

First Impressions:

- Service Leaders will be running the services. The 9:00 and 11:55 Service Leader is Jordan J. 10:30 Service Leader is Ben Reichert. If you see anything that needs immediate adjustment, go to the service leader so that they can touch base with the team leaders.


- New Leader Training: January 9th

- Goups Launch: January 17th

- Group discussions will follow along with the sermon series

- One Group multiplication this semester

- Group promo will take place the next two Sunday's


- Introducing a Service Cut Off Time. If the services go beyond a specific time, the last song will be cut.

- Need to Know will start before the countdown hits zero

- TV will be available in the care room for people to watch the message in there. Lobby stream is also working now.

- Todd, Josh, and Ryan will be setting up more chairs in the auditorium. Music/IT:

- Everyone's phone will ring on any general calls.

- Everyone will need to reset their Voicemail Box Name/Greeting. Todd will provide instructions on how to change this.

- Email is only for active employees and emails. Any employee who leaves in good standing will have access to their inbox for 60 days after their last day. That email will then be forwarded to the appropriate staff member after the 60 days. They will be asked to forward any and all ministry related emails to the current staff.

Lead Pastor:

- Starting a new series this Sunday titled "churchy"


- Thanks for sending the communications requests in. Please continue to use the forms for communications requests.

- Sarah will send out the graphics today for sharing on personal social media use.

Executive Directors:

- Important Dates

  • Young Professionals: 01/28, Madison Social, 5:30 PM
  • OFI Conference: February 11th & 12th. This will be an event we host, and will be asking staff to work on.

- Credit Card: Please make sure that for ANY PURCHASE GREATER THAN $250 has an approved Credit Card Purchase Approval Form. If purchases made for more than $250 are do not have Credit Card Purchase Approval Forms when expensed at the end of the month, you will be asked to turn your credit card in.

- Leave Requests: Please make sure that for all vacation and sick/personal days off a leave request form is completed. If it is for vacation, please turn in the form at least 2 weeks before the vacation date. All vacation forms should go to your immediate supervisor for approval, and then to Alex to be logged. If you take a sick day, please fill out the form on your first day back in the office and turn in to Alex.

- Clean out any food that belongs to you in the Fridge this week. Anything in a styrofoam container, or pizza box, etc. will be thrown out at the end of the week.

- Meetings will be set up shortly with all directors to go over ministry budgets for 2016.

Tharpe 3 Service Assignments:


- Confirming the official Ushing team leader for 10:30.

- Ben R. Feels confident that we can handle Ushing the same ways that we did at Christmas Eve.

- We will emphasize pushing people to the front and filling every seat.

- We will keep the back section as the last to be filled.


- You can sign up on the staff MyCityChurch page under the needs section. If it is not filled, we will be assigning/requesting people to do it on Thursday.


- We will have people at every entrance directing traffic.

- Parking Directors:

  • 9:00 - Will Eades
  • 10:30 - Sam and Angie Ornelas
  • 11:55 - Matt Strenth

- If you know of people who are willing to volunteer in the parking lot, please drop their names by Ginger, so she can reach out to them.

Sunday Morning Groups:

- Sunday City Groups will be meeting at 10:30. The Coed group led by Allen Boatright will be meeting in the upstairs conference room instead of the youth hall where they had been meeting previously.