- What is success?

  • We often think success is about an outcome. It is not about outcome, it is about obedience.

- Chess Story

  • The pawns love the King so much they are willing to die for the King.

- Daniel 3:16-18

- What happens if they get thrown in to the fiery furnace and got burned up? Would that still  have been success?



- Blue pillars are the strategy.

- Red arrows are the drivers for these strategies.

- The green box is the infrastructure that we need to accomplish the drivers and strategy.

- Just because something is listed here does not mean that we are doing this well. It means that we are going to put time, energy, and resources towards to accomplish this strategy.



- Our senior staff team has set the organizational Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) of:

  • Reach 10,000 people on a Sunday.
    • What does it mean to reach? See strategy above.

- In addition to setting an organizational BHAG, we are going to be setting SMART goals for each of our ministry area. 

  • See attached goals document for more direction on setting goals.
  • Goals for each ministry area should be set no later than next weeks All Staff meeting so that they can be presented to staff to be adopted, refined, or re-imagined.
  • Each ministry area should set 2-4 ministry goals. Please use this to set personal goals as well that can help push your ministry forward if you desire. 
  • If you need assistance setting goals for your area, please talk to a senior staff member. 


OFI Conference - We are hosting Feb 11th and 12th and we will need all hands on deck. Please plan on being here that Thursday evening and Friday morning and Evening. Positions will be assigned in the near future.