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Mar 25 2018

Mark 10:17-31

Mark 10:17-31

PRAY: Humbly ask God to give you wisdom to understand this portion of the Bible and the faith to live out what He reveals to you.

READ: Mark 10:17-31

Have you ever traveled to a third world country and been amazed at the differences in living conditions as compared to our American lifestyle? I once visited the country of Mozambique on the east coast of Africa. Our team camped in the bush close to a village where families lived in small thatched huts with dirt floors. They slept on mats woven of brush. The villagers dried corn harvested from their gardens on their roofs so the goats would not eat it. The few items they had for everyday living included their mat for sleeping, a pot for cooking, some matches and a spoon for stirring. Their only clothes were the ones they were wearing. The village had no electricity. If they had a bag of salt, they were considered wealthy.

In Lima, Peru, I saw a city segregated – the beautiful coast is full of glitzy restaurants and upscale shopping, while just outside the city there are children living in trash dumps. What constitutes wealth and poverty?

We are told that the rich young ruler in Mark 10 had been obedient to God's commandments. But he sensed he was still missing something. Christ urged him, "Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come! Follow me." The man went away sad, because he had great wealth. Would you?

The Bible introduces us to a widow who gave her last two coins. Although the amount was small, it was recognized as a great gift because she gave out of her poverty all that she had.

What is it that we are holding so tightly that keeps us from full surrender to Christ? For the rich young ruler, it was his material wealth. It may not be our "wealth" but may be our pride, our job, our kids, our intellect, education, ego, time, social status or even desires. The list is long that keeps us from Christ.

Praise the Lord that all things are possible with God. Let us obey Him, seek to know Him and let no material possessions or accumulated "wealth" stand between us and eternal life. May we not walk away from the Lord because of what we will not surrender to Him. Whatever we do in giving, in caring, in sharing, in serving, and in working, let’s do it for Christ and for the gospel.


Reflection Questions:

1. What is God calling you to give?

2. Will you give it?

Memorize: Mark 10:27

"Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’"