City Church Intern Program

The City Church Internship program exists to serve future leaders by giving them access to ministry responsibilities and leadership coaching and to serve the church by increasing its leadership capacity. Through this experience we want to see interns discover more about who Jesus is, who they are in Him, and about God's calling on their life. The program offers the experience, training, accountability, and environment to transform participants into gospel-centered leaders.

An intern’s role-based position allows them to play a significant part in the ongoing ministry of City Church. They are given day-to-day responsibilities for the operation of their specific ministry while also an opportunity and platform to learn to lead.

SUMMER 2015 Interns

We're on the hunt for a group of motivated, passionate, through-the-roof-potential interns to complete our team!  

Summer 2015 Internship Dates

  • Begins Monday, May 4, 2015 and lasts until Sunday, August 9, 2015.
  • Deadline to apply for the Summer 2015 semester is Sunday, March 15, 2015.
  • Selected applicants will be interviewed the week of March 16, 2015.
  • Interns will be selected and notified by Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Available Internships

Administration Intern
Working alongside our Executive Pastor and senior-level Assistants, our Administrative team serves as event planners, database managers, telephone operators, firefighters and Elmer's glue distributors holding it all together.

Graphic Design
Our Graphic Design team has a passion for consistent branding and desires to support the vision and mission of City Church through all media that's printed and produced.  They specialize in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator as tools to help reach Tallahassee.

Next Steps Intern
Our Next Steps process and programs enable individuals to find their place in our church. From greeting and speaking in-depth with potential owners to leading community groups this team is in the business of creating connections.

Groups Intern
Our Community Groups are where we grow relationally and spiritually together.  Helping oversee groups, develop content and curriculum, and coach and train leaders are all parts of our Groups Internship.

Connections Intern
We're all about helping people take their first and next step in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our Connections Team helps extend the Sunday experience by developing relationships, having conversations, and helping to create and point people towards our discipleship process at City Church.

First Impressions Intern
As a First Impressions Intern, you will play a huge role in creating the environment that is the first thing people see when they walk onto the City Church campus each Sunday. By working alongside our First Impressions Director, you will help implement new systems and lead groups of volunteers to form relationships with people and create "WOW" experiences unlike anything Tallahassee has ever seen.

Production Intern
You may never see the men and women serving on our Production Team on a Sunday, but they play a huge role in what you do see on a Sunday. From operating cameras and sound to trouble-shooting computer issues, the Production Team uses their skills in media production and technology to keep City Church on the cutting edge.

Youth Intern
The City Church Youth Ministries teams serve the middle and high school students of City Church and the Tallahassee community. From taking part in crazy games and videos to eating with youth and just talking about life, the Youth Ministry teams are impacting the lives of students in a radical way.

CityChurchU Intern
CityChurchU is our college ministry, and this summer our CityChurchU intern team will be helping to plan our outreach to college students during the summer and upcoming fall semesters.  

What to Expect

We desire our interns and residents to be disciples of Christ and believe it is essential to be grounded in truth as followers of Christ. We also believe in order to lead in a home, workplace, campus or city a leader must grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and biblical doctrine.

Knowing that God has designed His people with different gifts and skillsets and believing the best leaders should come from the Church, we want to train men and women in the areas God has gifted them. We also see many men and women who desire to serve the Church with their gifts and want to provide opportunities for these individuals as well. With these two things in mind, we have all different types of internship opportunities, which can be found on our internship board.

All interns apply for a specific internship within a ministry and serve with this ministry throughout the duration of their internship. Residents apply with a specific ministry leader in mind and serve with this leader throughout the duration of their residency.

We understand that as believers we can grow in knowledge and skill but if our heart is not engaged or changed true growth will not come. Our internship and residency program is designed for our interns and residents to be challenged so that they might become men and women of character.

Jesus did not let teaching moments pass by but taught in the context of ministry. Our supervisors serve alongside our interns and residents day in and day out and have the opportunity to follow Jesus’ model. Therefore, they play one of the largest roles in our internship and residency program. Supervisors are intentional with each individual intern and/or resident, within ministry and personal life.

We train our leaders according to a three-pronged pattern of ministry which informs our ministries and leaders at City Church.

The Supremacy of God – We train our leaders to lead with a passion for the supremacy of God in all things. Everything created exists for the exaltation of God. Therefore, every ministry must serve this purpose. We hold that the chief end of history is to glorify God. 

The Centrality of the Gospel – We train our leaders to be gospel-centered. We acknowledge that the gospel is not only the beginning of our faith, but it also the means of living in Christ. All leadership and ministry that is consistent with Scripture will acknowledge the futility of our efforts and boast in the strength of God’s power.

The Priority of Mission – We train our leaders to acknowledge the reality that our identity as Christians is bound to our identity as missionaries. As the Son was sent by the Father, so we have been sent by the Son.

We believe the best way to train leaders for the Kingdom is in the local church. The bride of Christ has been given apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for equipping the saints for the work of ministry. It is in the local church where future leaders can be best nurtured, challenged, trained and released for ministry.


How to Apply

  • Review the College Intern Job Description here.
  • Review our City Church DNA (our mission, vision, and values) here.
  • Complete our Online Application here.
  • The contact associated with the internship will follow up with you on the status of your application.

About the Program

We believe the strongest leaders and best training should come out of the Church. We wanted to build a program that provides an environment for men and women to grow, and be challenged and trained and then go lead in their home, church, campus, workplace, city and world.

Our internships have a primary focus of leadership development. Where other programs focus on the benefits an intern or resident might bring to an organization or the skill an intern or resident might gain, our program is different. We desire our interns and residents to grow holistically; to be trained not only in their skill and/or gifts but also theologically and in character.


More Information

If you have questions about the City Church Internship Program, please submit them via email to Matthew Robinson, Executive Pastor.