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Come and see the wonder of Christ.

Jesus calls his disciples to “come and see.” With this in mind, we invite you to take on this series of reflections to “come and see” who Jesus is and what he has done.

Come and see Jesus the King as the Ruler of an eternal kingdom. See Jesus our Priest as cleansing us from the stain of sin. See Jesus the Prophet speaking with authority. See Jesus the Son accomplishing the Father’s will. See Jesus the Servant humbly washing his disciples’ feet. See Jesus the Sacrifice paying our penalty for sin. See Jesus our Savior as focused on his mission to put death to death. Finally, see Jesus the Lord calling for lives surrendered to him. 

The call of Jesus to come and see is not only a call to watch Jesus’ ministry, but a call to participate in it. “Come and see” ultimately becomes “go and tell” as Jesus commissions his disciples as his witnesses.

After you come and see, go and tell of this Jesus as his witnesses in the world.