Where will the east campus be located?

We do not have a physical location yet. We are exploring several portable options, with a long-term goal to occupy permanent space. The general target location of the east campus will be between Highway 90 and Highway 27, east of Capital Circle and inside I-10.

Will Pastor Dean be preaching there?

Yes, in various capacities. The primary format for teaching will be Pastor Dean on video, via livestream, recorded from the Sessions Road campus, which will serve as the broadcast campus. The Campus Pastor will preach several times throughout the year, along with an occasional guest preacher. Both campuses will follow the same plan for teaching, including sermon series. On weeks where Pastor Dean is not preaching at the broadcast campus, a Campus Pastor or guest will preach at each campus.

What will the services be like?

Services at the east campus will be very similar to those of the Sessions Road campus. Services will follow the same planning in regards to music, announcements, corporate readings, the Lord’s Supper, and preaching of the Word. The goal is to replicate services as much as possible while noting that each campus will have unique nuances. Other environments such as hospitality and care will also be replicated to the capacity we are able in our meeting space.

Is this an autonomous church?

No. The east campus is part of a multi-site strategy for church planting in Tallahassee. While the campus could one day become autonomous, the intent for the foreseeable future is for it to be a second location under the larger umbrella of City Church, in which we are one church with two locations. Resources, including personnel and finances, will be shared proportionally among the campuses under a centralized operational plan.

Who will go to the east campus?

We have a goal to send a Launch Team of at least 200 people. We would love for you to pray and consider being sent to the east side of Tallahassee. Some City Church staff members will also be sent to the east campus to lead. The east campus will likely appeal to residents in eastside zip codes (32317, 32309, 32311, etc.), but anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the east campus.

What’s a Launch Team?

The Launch Team is the core group of City Church members and individuals who are making a one-year commitment to be sent to the east campus to attend, serve, and give. Anyone is welcome to attend the Launch Team interest meetings, held several times throughout the fall, to learn more about committing to the east campus.

Why the east side of town?

The east side of Tallahassee is exhibiting both commercial and residential growth. While there are currently other churches established on the east side, we believe this continued growth and the need for more gospel-centered churches compels us to reach a large demographic of Tallahassee rooted in the east side of town.

Don’t we have enough churches in town already?

We believe that as long as there are people who do not know Jesus in Tallahassee, there is room for new churches to be planted. There are already some great churches serving the east side of town, and we hope to join in this effort to connect people to God’s Word, to the Gospel, and to making disciples in Tallahassee.

How will next generation ministries function?

The east campus will offer KiDS programming on Sunday mornings, replicated to function in the same way as our Sessions Road campus. Youth and College ministries will remain centralized to start, both being held at the Sessions Road campus.

When will the east campus begin holding services?

The first preview service is scheduled for February 25, 2018. Currently, preview services will run through March 25th. Both campuses will gather together for Easter at the Civic Center on April 1st, and then the east campus will officially begin its own services by launching on April 8, 2018.

What time will the services be held?

We are not sure yet. This is dependent upon location, but will be announced as soon as possible.

How many services will be held at the east campus?

We will begin with two services, so that every member of the Launch Team and any other attendees can be encouraged to attend one, and serve at one.

Will City Church ever have more than two locations in Tallahassee?

Prayerfully, yes! We believe that to reach Tallahassee strategically and effectively, it is ideal to have churches planted in multiple regions of town. While we are currently focusing energy and resources on launching an east side campus, if God allows, we will explore other opportunities for future expansion.

Do you have more questions? You can send an email at any time to EastCampus@CityChurchTallahassee.com. One of our team members will get back to you within 48 hours with an answer.