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Daniel is the one having dreams now. He sees visions of 4 beasts that are raised up over the course of human history and then conquered. The beasts represent different kingdoms. One of the kingdoms is stronger than the others and conquers the rest. The last kingdom speaks “words against the Most High,” and it will “wear out the saints” and will seek to “change the times and the law.” (Daniel 7:25). The reign of tyranny will not last. This kingdom is easily overcome by the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. His kingdom “will be an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.” (Daniel 7:27).

The ways that the people of God are treated in this vision is very relevant to us. We don’t know when this last kingdom will occur, nor do we know if we are in it right now. However, we can anticipate a lot of the same things that are happening right now to Christians to only get worse. I think this is why Daniel was alarmed in v. 28 because he knows what is coming for God’s people. It certainly is worrisome, but we have hope in the complete power of our King Jesus who will finally eliminate all evil and tyranny in his eternal kingdom. That is what we hope for in Christ.


Discussion Guide 4.17.16

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