Hear Ye, hear ye! Our Heavenly Father is King over everything, and since we are His children, that makes us royalty! In this series we will learn how to live like royals by having the kinds of attitudes Jesus tells us to have in Matthew 5. As we look at different kings and queens of the Bible we will see that when we have these attitudes, we will be blessed! Learning to live like royalty who depend on God means that His kingdom will belong to us! 

Series Memory Verse: 

"Great blessings belong to those who know they are spiritually in need. God's kingdom belongs to them."  Matthew 5:3

We LOVED kicking off our brand new series, Crowned, this Sunday! We learned all about Queen Esther and how she depended on God in a scary time! 

Need To Know: "I'm Blessed When I Depend On God" 

Christ Connection: Esther spoke to the king for her people in the same way that Jesus speaks to God for us. Haman tried to kill Mordecai, but God was in control, and Haman died instead. Likewise, Satan thought he had won when Jesus died on the cross, but God raised Jesus from the dead and defeated Satan once and for all.  


Bible Story: Esther Depends on God: Esther 2-9


We can't wait to see your kids again next Sunday as we continue on in our Crowned series! We will be learning about King David and Mephibosheth, and our Need To Know will be "I'm Blessed Even When I'm Sad!"

See you at 9:30am or 11am at our Tharpe Street location!