We are LOVING our new series, Crowned! In this series, we are learning about how special we are because we are King Jesus' chosen people. That makes us royalty! We are going through different stories of Kings and Queens to figure out how we are supposed to act as royalty! This Sunday, we learned about King David and Mephibosheth from 1 Samuel!

Need To Know: God Helps Me! 

Christ Connection: Have you ever felt sad? Yeah, me too! That is exactly how some of our friends in the story were feeling. Does anyone remember what made him feel better? God! God can use people and things in our lives to make us feel better. Most of all, God uses Jesus to make us feel better! Jesus came to earth to live a life where he felt the same hurts and sadness as well feel. And even more exciting, when he rose from the grave, he beat death and sadness. We get to look forward to forever with God and that can cheer us up! God’s love for us can help us feel better!


Bible Story -- 1 Samuel 20:14-17; 2 Samuel 9 

Don't forget to ask you children the 2 most important questions of a Sunday morning: 

1. What did you learn? 

2. Did you have fun? 


We hope to see you next Sunday at 9:30am or 11am as we kick off Week 3 of Crowned!