We had such a great Sunday! We joined Stir Fry and Sponge once again at Camp Wannastay. We had a very messy Sunday as your campers got to play with Stir Fry and Sponge and make ice cream Sundays on their heads! It was so much fun. This week we learned about how to be leaders that can serve! 


Need To Know: "I Can Be a Leader Who Serves!" 

Christ Connection: Jesus served everyone around him when he was here on the earth. He served because he wanted to, not because anybody made him or asked him to. That's how we should serve, too. We should serve because Jesus served us in the greatest way by dying for us and paying the price for our sins. 


Bible Story - Being a Servant Like Jesus - Phillipians 2


We cannot wait for next Sunday as we continue on in our "Camp Wannastay" series! We hope to see you all at either 9:30am or 11am!