We had a GREAT Sunday! It was so fun being together at one campus. We celebrate Baby & Child dedications at both services, and we celebrated Mother's Day! Thank you to all the Mom's out there. 

This week we joined Cubby and Bug and learned how to let others go first! We read from the story of Deborah helping God's people! 


Need To Know: "Leaders Let Others Go First!" 

Christ Connection:  Just like Deborah was a leader, so is Jesus. Jesus always let others go first! Jesus was a leader who let others go first and that is why he was willing to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus put US first! We can be leaders like Jesus who put other people first because He put us first! 


Bible Story -- Deborah Helps God's People

God's people were NOT obeying God. And big trouble was on its way: an army was coming to fight them! This army had many strong chariots! So God's people finally asked God for help.

God told a leader named Deborah, "Tell Barak the army general that I say, 'Get lots of men. I will help you defeat that big army.' "

But Barak was afraid! He said, "Deborah, I will go IF you go with me. If you don't go, I won't go." Deborah told him, "I will go with you." 

Barak asked God's people to help. Soon lots of men came together. They all climbed Mount Tabor. From the mountain, they could see nine hundred chariots rolling across the flat land. The chariots came closer and closer. 

Deborah told Barak, "Go! God will help you. You will win!" Barak did what Deborah said, and just like that, God won the battle! 

When the battle was over, Deborah and Barak sang. They sang about the way God won the battle! Everyone praised God! 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.138-142


We can't wait to see everyone next Sunday as we continue on in our Camp Wannastay series, learning how to be leaders!