We had a GREAT Sunday! It was so fun being together at one campus. We celebrate Baby & Child dedications at both services, and we celebrated Mother's Day! Thank you to all the Mom's out there. 

This week we joined Stirfry and Sponge at Camp Wannastay once again. We learned about how to be include other people!


Need To Know: "I Can Be A Leader Who Includes Others!"

Christ Connection:  Nehemiah led the people to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem for protection from their enemies. Jesus came to do more than build a physical wall. He made the way for people to have protection from sin and death by His sacrifice.


Bible Story -- Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls

Nehemiah lived in Babylon. He was the king's special helper. But Nehemiah was from Jerusalem. Nehemiah heard that the walls in Jerusalem were broken down. Nehemiah felt very sad about this. So he prayed and prayed.

Then he asked the king of Babylon, "Let me go to rebuild Jerusalem's walls." The king said yes! 

So Nehemiah traveled to Jerusalem. He saw the broken walls. He saw the burned gates. He met the people living there. Nehemiah said, "Let's all build the walls!" 

Every family went to work. Some families built gates. Some families put stones into the walls. It took a long time. But one day, the work was done! Nehemiah and the people thanked God! 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.226-229


We can't wait to see you again THIS SUNDAY as we continue on in our Camp Wannastay series! Have a great week!