We can't believe we finished our Mystery Manor series! We absolutely loved being detectives who looked for clues in the Bible to answer mysteries! This week we joined our detective friends and learned about heaven! We answered the question: "Is heaven real?"


Need To Know: "Heaven Is A Real Place for People Who Believe in Jesus!" 

Christ Connection: Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead, He offers eternal life for those who know and love Him. Revelation 21 paints us a beautiful picture of what heaven will look like! You can receive the gift of forever in heaven by loving Jesus and believing that He died and rose again to forgive you of your sins! 


Bible Story, The Never-Ending Story

John was one of Jesus' closest friends. He told people everywhere about Jesus! To stop John from telling about Jesus, the king put John on an island by himself. But while John was on this island, Jesus showed him AMAZING things that will happen.

Jesus showed John that God will finally bring an end to everything that's bad. No one will ever be sick or sad or tired or old! Jesus showed John what heaven would be like. Everyone will be full of joy and laughter. God's family will sing and praise God. 

Jesus also showed John that heaven has gates made of big pearls. The city has walls and streets of pure gold. Heaven has plenty of room for everyone in God's family! And it will last FOREVER. 

In heaven, it will never be night. Trees will grow with fruit all of the time. It will be the most amazing place EVER! 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.518-521


We can't wait to see you all THIS Sunday morning as we kick-off our new series, Camp Wannastay, where we learn about how to be a leader from the example of Jesus! We'll see you Sunday!