We can't believe that Clue Catchers is coming to a close! At our campuses this week, we learned about the resurrection of Jesus! We learned that Jesus is Alive! 

Need To Know: "God Loves Me!" 

Christ Connection: God's love for us is SO BIG! We learned today that our savior Jesus came to earth to teach us about God and his love. Jesus was perfect, he never did anything wrong. But Jesus died for you and me because we do things that are wrong. God's love never changes towards us as his children. He will love us forever and ever and that is great news! 

Bible Story, Jesus Dies and Lives Again

Jesus let angry people take Him away. He listened while they told lies about Him. He let them hurt Him. 

Then Jesus let them kill Him on a cross. Jesus' friends were very sad and scared. 

Jesus' friends put His body into a tomb. A tomb is like a little cave in a hill. Soldiers rolled a HUGE stone over the door. The men who killed Jesus wanted to make sure that no one could get into His tomb!

But three days later, Mary came to the tomb. That HUGE stone had been moved! So she looked inside the tomb. There were two ANGELS in the tomb! One angel asked, "Why are you crying?" 

Mary said, "I don't know where Jesus is!" The angel said, "He is not here. He has risen, just as He said!" 

Mary turned and left the tomb. Oops! She almost bumped into someone. "Mary!" a voice said. Mary knew that voice. It was Jesus' voice! Jesus was ALIVE! He was standing right there in front of her! 

Jesus told Mary, "Go and tell the others." Mary was GLAD. She ran to tell Jesus' other friends! "Jesus is ALIVE!" she said. "I SAW Him!" Some of Jesus' friends didn't believe her at first. But they ran to the tomb. It was empty! Soon, they saw Jesus, too. Then they knew: Jesus is ALIVE!

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.425-430

We can't wait for you to join us next week as we close out our CLUE CATCHERS series! We hope to see you at either 9:30am or 11:00am at Leon or Tharpe Street! Have a great week!