We had so much fun this week learning about God forgiving our sins. We went searching as detectives for clues in the Bible to help us learn about Jesus forgiving our sins on the cross.

Need To Know: "Jesus Paid the Price for All My Sin!"

Christ Connection: Adam and Eve failed at giving God the glory when they introduced sin into the world, but God didn't leave them without hope. God sent his Son Jesus to live as Adam didn't--perfectly sinless. Jesus was God in the form of a man sent to rescue people from sin.

Bible Story: God's Plan For Jesus

A very long time ago, the very first people who ever lived did something that God told them not to do. This was called a "sin". Because of their sin, they could no longer be friends with God. 

Since then, everyone is born with sin, so we can't be friends with God either. 

But God loves us so much and He wanted to be friends with us. So he planned for someone to pay the price for all the wrong things we've done. God sent His only Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life on earth. 

Then, Jesus paid the price for the wrong things we've done by dying on a cross. This was the only way to fix our friendship with God. 

When we believe that Jesus died for our sins, God forgives us of all the things we've ever done wrong and anything we will do wrong in the future. All those things are erased in God's eyes.

Even before the first man and woman ever sinned, God had a great plan for Jesus to pay the price for all our sins. That way, our friendship with God could be fixed forever!

Whenever we wonder if Jesus can pay for ALL of our sins, we can have faith and believe that:

"Jesus Paid the Price For All My Sin!" 

Thank you so much for joining us this week. We can't wait to see you next Sunday as we learn about the resurrection and Jesus rising from the grave! See you at 9:30 or 11!