We had so much fun back at our separate campuses learning about the Bible! We pretended to be detectives to learn from the story of Daniel & the Lions! 


Need to Know: "God Can Do Anything!"

Christ Connection: Let's roar like the hungry lions in the den! "ROARRR!" Wasn't it so amazing how God kept Daniel safe in the hungry lion's den? Our bible story told us that Daniel loves God, and wanted to pray to hiim. The bible also says that we love because God loved us first. God created us, and he sent his son, Jesus, to die for us! Just like God saves Daniel from dying, God saves us through Jesus Christ and we get to live forever with Him! 


Bible Story: Daniel & The Lions

Daniel was a leader in Babylon. He did the best work of anyone! The other leaders didn't like this. They wanted to get rid of Daniel! 

Everyone knew Daniel loved God. Three times a day, he went home to pray. So the other leaders made a new law. The got the king to agree: "You must pray to the KING or else you'll be thrown to the LIONS!" 

But Daniel went home like he always did. He knelt and prayed. 

The other leaders soon told the king, "Daniel is praying to GOD, as always! He must be thrown into the lion's den!" The king was very upset. He saw he had been tricked. But he could not change the law.

So Daniel was put into the lions' den. All night, the king worried. In the morning, the king was up very early. 

"DANIEL!" he cried. "Did your God save you?"

Daniel said, "My God sent an angel. He shut those lions' mouths." 

Now the king told everyone, "The one, true God kept Daniel safe!" 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.254-259


Thanks so much for joining us this week! We hope to see you all again next Sunday at either our Tharpe Street or Leon High location at 9:30am or 11am! Have a great week!